Breaking Traditional Healthcare Boundaries Through PR

Health-tech startup Patientory, a service used to empower patients as well as providers across the world to access and manage health data safely and securely, turned to Media Frenzy Global to help build brand awareness for the company.

Additionally, MFG was enlisted to promote the impending debut book, Future Women, from the company’s Founder.

This was an especially tall order since Patientory’s technology addresses one of the thorniest issues in healthcare: patient control of medical records and their portability. Competing against some of the largest companies in the U.S., Patientory and Media Frenzy Global had their work cut out for them.

A key component was telling the personal journey of Patientory’s dynamic CEO/Founder, Chrissa McFarlane. Hers was a story of boldness in the face of overwhelming odds just to get the company started and funded, all of which she revealed in her highly anticipated book. Media Frenzy Global instantly recognized the power and relevance of the story and made that the focus of the brand-building.

Navigating as a young minority female entrepreneur, Chrissa experienced first-hand a trifecta of hurdles related to her age, gender and race. Her debut book Future Women uncovered her personal journey as a woman entrepreneur in healthcare and the road to becoming the world’s first woman CEO of a blockchain company, disparaging the ins and outs of cryptocurrency and blockchain and what the future woman mindset looks like for rising minority women vying to take their place at the table.

Yet, she had been recognized as one of the top women “leaving their mark on the MedTech industry in health IT”. Her story navigating the highs and lows, as revealed through the book, were permission to believe that Patientory had the vision and determination be credible in the industry.


Generate awareness of Patientory as a player in the healthcare industry and tech sector by amplifying its unique POV: combatting consumer data and enterprise healthcare management challenges across the industry.

Position Chrissa as an industry thought leader across healthcare as well as being widely recognized as a leading woman in tech trailblazing.

The Solution

Through targeted pitching and carefully crafted messaging, Media Frenzy Global promoted McFarlane’s then-imminent book, Future Women, as a blueprint for successful entrepreneurship.

The media was quickly drawn to the timely and uplifting narrative. With all the angles the story offered—addressing America’s healthcare challenges, women in technology, and more—Media Frenzy Global correctly identified the personal angle as the most compelling.

Media Frenzy Global was able to amplify Ms. McFarlane’s brand awareness in local, industry and national publications such as Atlanta Inno, AfroTech, and Business Insider, where Ms. McFarlane was featured as a CEO Under 30 to Watch in Business.

The Results

Patientory enjoyed unprecedented media attention and Future Women went on to become a top-seller on Amazon. Additionally, MFG secured 12 pieces of coverage for Patientory, reaching 8.7M readers with 88% share of voice over their key competitor and an increase of 11% in the company’s PR Health Score.




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