Every smart brand knows that producing consistent, engaging content is one of the most important components of their marketing strategy. But simply writing a few blog posts and sharing links on social media won’t bring in leads or website traffic. There is an art to creating compelling visual and written content and mastering it sometimes requires thinking outside the proverbial box.

We asked a panel of Forbes Agency Council members to share unexpected, yet valuable content marketing lessons they’ve learned during their careers. Their best answers are below.

11. Take Risks With Your Content Strategy

The most impactful content my team has created has derived from taking a provocative, unorthodox approach. We’ve discovered high-performing content performs exceptionally well when it is surprising, exciting and unique. No one ever remembers mundane, static content; content that moves and provokes thought — even if the audience member doesn’t agree with the subject matter — is memorable. – Sarah Tourville, Media Frenzy Global

Article originally published on Forbes Agency Council.