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Our Story

Media Frenzy Global’s US roots were established in Atlanta in 2013 and prior to that, London in 2006.

The agency’s name comes from our proven ability to develop a media frenzy™ by strategically implementing marketing and PR campaigns that drive engagement and customer acquisition to and from the media, analysts, influencers, internal stakeholders, and customers.

When these groups/communities start to engage and share content with each other, without the direct involvement of the brand, a media frenzy takes shape and sales rise.

Fun fact: Media Frenzy Global (MFG) won an award for creating a media frenzy for Vingo, the world’s first voice recognition app (before Siri) across five European markets! The award was so meaningful, that we changed our name from Voice IT to Media Frenzy Global.

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Our team is a hybrid of creators, thinkers, storytellers, journalists, and communication strategists constantly in the pursuit to do great work.

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