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It’s more than a name.

When you hire Media Frenzy, you get a tech savvy, energetic team whose purpose is to enable small to mid sized technology brands find their voice and tell their story.

We are an extension of your team to support your goals and reach KPIs. Earning client trust is our number one goal and we work hard to demonstrate our value.

Creating the frenzy is achieved by crafting, managing, and implementing marketing and PR programs using a series of communication disciplines. We design them to interweave, complement, and amplify your brand. Our methodology is pragmatic yet creative, smart, and industrious, with brand and storytelling at the heart of our approach.

The first signs of a frenzy were started in London 2012 with the launch of the world’s first voice recognition app and we’ve honed our capabilities consistently since.

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"Media Frenzy has successfully increased social media engagement, conversion rates, and overall sales opportunities. They are experts in their field, their effective PR strategies have been a huge help to the company. They're also proactive about setting and reviewing monthly targets for continued progress."

–VP of Marketing, Stratix