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It’s more than a name.

Choosing FRENZY means partnering with a team brimming with tech expertise and boundless creative energy, all dedicated to helping B2B brands discover and amplify their unique voices. We don’t just join your journey; we accelerate it, meshing seamlessly with your team to surpass goals and smash KPIs.

The essence of FRENZY comes to life as we meticulously craft, manage, and deploy marketing and PR strategies that captivate and engage your audience. Our plans are designed to intertwine, each element enhancing the next, where the brand transcends corporate strategy and turns information into fascination. This is where brand advocacy comes into its own. Our approach is a unique blend of strategy and creativity, cultural relevance, beauty and AI technology, ensuring your brand doesn't just appear on the radar — it defines it.

Our journey began in the heart of London in 2012, launching the world's first voice recognition app across Europe — a testament to our international capabilities and innovative roots. Since then, our capabilities have only grown more refined, our strategies more potent, and our results more impressive.

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"Media Frenzy has successfully increased social media engagement, conversion rates, and overall sales opportunities. They are experts in their field, their effective PR strategies have been a huge help to the company. They're also proactive about setting and reviewing monthly targets for continued progress."

–VP of Marketing, Stratix