There are always many lessons we learn each year as we further grow our client’s business and our own. The most prominent lesson from 2021 is associated with the most pressing business issue all businesses are facing – recruitment and retention.

During the pandemic, the PR talent pool opened up and enabled us to hire remotely from any state. We chose to capitalize on this opportunity and hired qualified PR professionals with strong communication skills and diverse perspectives to further benefit our programs. However, what we learned is that what we do and how we go about doing it is a process tied with ‘feeling’ and only works well when new team members are with our team leaders in person, asking questions and breathing in the MFG #GoThere culture. Flying employees in and showing them the MFG way for a few days at a time just didn’t cut it. Our employees need to really see what it takes to create a frenzy as it’s not PR 101 or even 102. It requires many attributes including being fast, curious and brave that are hard to grasp purely through zoom onboarding.

So our New Year’s resolution is to hire where we are present. Atlanta is our HQ so we are hiring locally but what’s very exciting is our decision to open an office in Brooklyn, NYC and develop a seasoned team to lead many of our New York-based clients.

Let’s continue to #GoThere in 2022.

Warm wishes and happy new year,