The research team at Clutch selected more than 290 B2B companies as leaders in their 2019 United States report based on the companies’ portfolio of work and diverse clientele, market presence, project management skills, and high-quality client feedback.

WASHINGTON, DC, June 25, 2019 – Clutch, the leading business-to-business (B2B) ratings and reviews firm, produced a report of the top companies on their platform across select U.S. states, including Delaware, Florida, and Georgia. Clutch evaluated the advertising and marketing, creative and design, development, and IT and business services firms in these states.

A team of Clutch analysts ranked these companies according to a complex research methodology, incorporating client satisfaction, the breadth and diversity of clientele and projects completed, market leadership, and industry knowledge.

The leaders are as follows:


Advertising and Marketing

  1. Matchstic
  2. Tinuiti
  3. id8
  4. Propellant Media
  5. Cardinal Digital Marketing
  6. Frederick Swanston
  7. AIS Media
  8. Captivate Digital Marketing
  9. LYFE Marketing
  10. Vigor
  11. Creative Juice, LLC
  12. Imagine Media Consulting
  13. Brandware
  14. Seed Factory
  15. MOCK, the agency
  16. Eberly & Collard Public Relations
  17. My Friend’s Nephew
  18. Marsden Marketing
  19. Mr. Technique, Inc.
  20. Double Up Digital
  21. Partners Marketing Group
  22. Prolifik Digital Marketing
  23. Seoteric, LLC
  24. Tailfin
  25. interactive Search Marketing
  26. Media Frenzy Global
  27. StokeSignals
  28. Joseph Studios
  29. Know Agency
  30. Uproot
  31. Definition 6
  32. Caffeine Marketing
  33. Leff & Associates
  34. Hexalinks
  35. Awaken Branding

See the complete list here.