When it comes to connecting your followers to your brand, there’s way more to it than just a double tap on Instagram or a like on Facebook. Likes without engagement can be compared to buying a product and never actually using it. Often, businesses focus on garnering “likes” rather than fostering strong engagement with their audiences. And while some may not even know there’s a difference between the two, one is seen as more valuable than the other. 

Technically speaking, “likes” fall under engagement but for the purpose of this blog, I am keeping the two ideas separate as likes aren’t the only metric to focus on. There are also plenty of other metrics like shares and comments. When measuring overall engagement, it’s imperative to take all of these factors into account. How exactly do you increase your engagement, and ultimately, connect your followers to your brand? Below are a few tips: 


Post engaging content: 

Posting engaging content is the first step to connecting your followers with your brand. Whether you’re a food and beverage company, a retail company, or even a SaaS company, content that engages your audience is key. Think about the types of posts that stop your audience mid-scroll. What will entice them to leave a comment or even decide to share your post? Taking part in trends, like fun national holidays and asking your audience to show how they are celebrating, opens the door to that highly sought-after engagement.

Create (and stick to) a consistent posting schedule: 

This should go without saying but consistency is key, especially when it comes to social media. Not only does consistent posting make your life easier, but social media algorithms favor it as well. This means that your post will be viewed more often and receive higher engagement than ones from accounts that post irregularly. In addition to being picked up by the algorithm, your followers will start to notice your posting schedule and will look forward to your content. 

Engage with your audience

Posting engaging content and sticking to a consistent posting schedule is great, but it isn’t enough. You must also engage with your followers across all platforms. This means replying to any questions and comments on your posts as well as engaging with any tags and/or mentions your brand receives.  This nurtures the connection with your following and shows that your followers are being seen and heard by your brand. 


While engaging with your audience is necessary, it definitely doesn’t have to seem like a chore. Instagram announced that they are testing a new challenge sticker in an effort to promote engagement, and as a way to have fun with your audience. Use emojis, hashtags, and other trending media such as memes to go the extra mile and keep the human factor present in your responses. 

While metrics are an important benchmark to hit—specifically meeting the required number of posts, likes, and shares you set within your social media strategy, people ultimately want to feel connected to the brands they trust.