By: Angela Watts, PR Reimagined Panelist

With the evolution of technology and social media, it is not a surprise that brands must readjust how they publicize their product to their consumers. Digital Media has quickly given brands a voice to speak directly to their customer; therefore, lessening the dependence on traditional media to endorse their product or service. In addition, the new age of communication has also contributed to the rise to a modernistic range of influencers and stakeholders who are able to share your brand’s story on a wide range of channels and platforms. However, having more access still does not guarantee success. If you are looking to increase exposure, improve brand awareness, and engage with your audience, it is still very important to develop a PR and marketing strategy that speaks to the way they consume information.

Gone are the days when people would turn on their television and read the daily newspaper or monthly magazine to get the latest on current affairs. Today, most people immediately refer to their mobile device to access their social media feed. The cool thing about this is that your social media feed is curated to your interest from friends, business, family, and current events.

We’re also finding the days that the ‘one for all method’ is no longer as appealing as it once was. As people spend more and more time on social media, users are seeking more meaningful and personalized engagement i.e. micro-communities (a place where people gather to discuss and exchange ideas in a smaller and intimate community hub).

Micro-Communities Want to Hear from You

As an agency that works with fashion, arts, music, and entertainment (FAME) brands daily overseeing their PR and marketing strategy, it is our job to ensure the right content is being curated to not only speak to their current customer or fan base, but it is our job to ensure their content is directly distributed to the people who care and share a similar interest. Traditional methods such as mass distribution of press release announcements are ineffective and a waste of time and resources. Digital Media provides many opportunities to spark conversation and circulate compelling content with other stakeholders (micro-communities) and influencers (bloggers, friends, families). If you think about it, most people are already seeking you or content that relates to your brand. In the new age of PR or should we say PR Reimagined, it is the agency’s job to make their job easier!

We can’t wait to speak to you more about this at PR Reimagined!

About Angela Watts

Angela Watts is the CEO and founder of 10 Squared, a creative and experiential agency headquartered in Atlanta. Since launching her company, 10 Squared has quickly become one of the fastest growing marketing communication firms in the industry.