“The reality is that many want to be innovative and disruptive and they’re just not.” Starting as a marketer at Motorola to founding Media Frenzy Global, Sarah Tourville has spent her career helping disruptive brands tell their stories. We discussed all of this and more on this week’s On Brand podcast.

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About Sarah Tourville

Sarah Tourville is the CEO and founder of Media Frenzy Global, a global PR and Marketing agency that builds brands for innovative and disruptive companies. Over the last 10 years Sarah has helped Fortune 500 brands build and generate distinctive brand messaging and meaningful media coverage for companies that are disrupting in their industry.

Prior to Media Frenzy Global Sarah led corporate communications for Motorola across Europe, Middle East & Africa and while Marketing Director at Worldspan, she launched the world’s first online travel booking site – Expedia.

Episode Highlights

What does it mean to have a Media Frenzy? Sarah shared a story about her work on the launch of Vlingo featuring an early influencer and media program. The combination of this ‘frenzy’ got the attention of the Wall Street Journal and the rest is history!

What if your brand hasn’t thought about VR/AR at all? Sarah has some advice here, too. “First of all, where are your people spending their time?” How can you augment this experience with VR/AR?

Message first. Always. A self proclaimed “lover of the written word,” Sarah also reminded listeners that no new form of media matters without the right message.

What brand has made Sarah smile recently? Sarah gave us two. First, she shared her personal story of what Toomy bags mean to her and why. She also reflected on Pepsi thanking Coke for their “southern hospitality” as Pepsi sponsored this year’s Super Bowl in Coke’s hometown of Atlanta. Why don’t more brands thank each other?

To learn more, go to mediafrenzyglobal.com and email Sarah directly.

Originally posted on On Brand Podcast.