Atlanta, GA (February 1, 2020) – A brand mantra is a driving message that captures the essence of your brand and positions it in the marketplace.

Businesses that stand out in the marketing place can drive new customers and begin to fundamentally build their brand. This starts from the inside out by developing a consistent brand mantra.

A mantra is more than a slogan – it is a simple, yet powerful saying, phrase, or affirmative statement used to motivate our inner being and set our intentions.

Media Frenzy Global aims to cultivate this driving message to define a brand both internally and externally.

What Goes Into a Brand Mantra?

A brand mantra is a company’s primary positioning and stake-in-the-ground message. It is the foundation on how a brand scales, what a company takes pride in, and an indicator of the trajectory of a particular brand. It’s an instrument of self-transformation — an affirmation that we repeat to express and grow the beliefs we hold most dear.

While a personal mantra is useful, a business’ mantra is critical.

Showcasing this mantra dictates how your company is perceived and shapes the direction of the culture of your employees.

For example, our mantra at Media Frenzy Global(link is external) is to reimagine how disruptive brand stories are told, promote workplace diversity and inclusion across industries, and support women in leadership roles.

It’s built on our 12-year foundation of working with technologists and futurists to tell their stories(link is external) and our approach to hiring a diverse workforce and our female leaders.

Go There. Brand Vision, Creative Content Marketing and Media Relations.

Businesses trying to distill their values in a brand mantra should consider their beliefs, goals, and mission.

Showcase Your Brand’s Value Consistently

Your mantra must be digestible and clear while encompassing the true value of your brand. Every word matters, so choose or omit carefully.

This statement should not be a long paragraph or run-along sentence, but rather a concise message that showcases your brand’s driving purpose.

Avoid whimsical words and fluff and use straightforward language that has depth and meaning.

Your staff should resonate with this mantra, and it should be easy to remember to guide their actions on a day-to-day basis. This should be embraced by every member of your team, at every touchpoint of your company. From the executive suite to a newly hired intern, this mantra should be clear and practiced throughout your operations.

For example, BMW is the “ultimate driving machine”, or Disney, “fun, family entertainment”. These two iconic brands have simple, short mantras, yet the entire world identifies with the message behind them.

When your mantra is clear and understood by both external and internal shareholders, you are doing something right.

A Mantra Is Built to Last

As a brand grows and transforms, so does its voice in its industry and the world. Thus, a brand’s mantra may change depending on its position in the market.

It’s important to state that mantras are not elusive or shallow, and they do not casually come and go as industry trends change. Instead, they are built to stand the test of time and be built on a foundation of beliefs and values that will last years – not months – and evolve as the business climate changes.

Nike’s renewed “Just Do It” campaign(link is external) features ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, representing boldness, decisiveness, doing what you believe, and showing no mercy. With Nike celebrating the campaign’s 30th anniversary, it was a great concept to get more eyeballs on Nike and also reinforced what the brand believes in.

It’s emotive, and that’s what the best PR and marketing campaigns need to be.

Nike's ad with Kaepernick: Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.

Your mantra needs to be reflective of what your brand was established upon but remains relevant in today’s climate. “Just Do It” empowered athletes to achieve excellence decades ago and is still a calling card for equality on and off the field.

A brand mantra should stay fresh while respecting the company’s origins.

Revolutionize Your Brand

A great mantra defines a brand and makes it distinct, helping it stand out in a competitive marketplace. It evokes meaningful conversations and motivates employees, clients, and partners. It also drives every touchpoint and communication of your company and has broad impacts that stretch far beyond the realm of marketing and PR.

From customer experiences to sales meetings, your mantra will shine through and clearly distinguish your brand. People want to align with companies that have solid, positive beliefs – your company’s mantra fills that desire.

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