Cathy Hackl, one of the top women in the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality industry, will unveil the world’s first Holographic Press Release™ at PRSA’s 2018 International Conference in Austin, Texas on October 7.

In this digital era where we are confronted with content at every turn, brands can no longer afford to curate stale, unimaginative concepts when telling their stories. Brands must evolve their storytelling beyond words and the two-dimensional assets. With the exception of going digital, using video and the occasional formatting update, little has changed with the standard press release – until now. The Holographic Press Release™ gives brands a new and innovative way to leverage the smartphone to help brands move beyond the written word and into a world that uses more engaging and innovative media.

This innovative technology allows brands to showcase speakers and products as interactive, three-dimensional holograms, distributed through Augmented Reality on Facebook and Instagram (Spark AR) and Snapchat. Consumers can travel around the 3-D hologram, connecting through linked access points, and hearing accompanying audio. According to Hackl, “The Holographic Press Release™ is the next step in media engagement. By using volumetric video on Facebook and Snapchat, users won’t need to download an app or visit a separate website to experience holographic video.”

This holographic content is created with a portable capture system that can be used anywhere, and with little notice. “Brands love immersive technologies like Augmented Reality and VR,” says John Buzzell, president of You Are Here Labs. “but sometimes they struggle with the technology needed to create or experience it. This innovative new technology makes it easier to capture, produce, and distribute holographic video.”  You Are Here Labs developed the technology together with Hackl, where she serves as lead futurist.

The collaboration also includes Media Frenzy Global, one of the world’s leading integrated PR and Marketing agencies. Together, they are bringing the Holographic Press Release™ to brands, agencies and companies looking to take their brand story to new heights.

“Now is the time,” says Sarah Tourville, Media Frenzy CEO. “The holographic press release is a game-changing delivery channel that our clients will leverage to truly differentiate their announcements. Being heard among the noise of thousands of press releases launched daily,” Tourville adds, “has been the number one challenge to PR companies worldwide. Today, we can both meet and beat that challenge by giving brands, interested in immersive technology, the opportunity to tell their stories in new unparalleled ways.”

The World’s First Holographic Press Release will be piloted in three select cities (Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York City), with further rollouts to be announced.

Originally published on Agility PR