Media Frenzy Global, a global PR and marketing agency specializing in building brands for innovators and disruptors, has announced the launch of its new suite of products for the marketing industry – PR Health Scores™ and Brand Health Scores™.

It has been a longtime industry struggle to quantify the value of PR and marketing efforts. 93 percent of CMOs say they are under pressure to deliver measurable ROI. Brands have a hard time showcasing how different media coverage has resulted in leads and sales. These products take the age-old issue a significant step forward proving the value for marketers.

With the introduction of these tools, Media Frenzy Global provides companies an easy way to assess the overall state of their brand’s wellness. By measuring PR and marketing efforts, the PR Health Scores™ and Brand Health Scores™ better informs decision-makers on best practices to increase brand visibility and ROI.

The PR Health Score™ breaks down a company’s recent media coverage to quantify its’ impact. By looking at depth of coverage, share of voice and coverage reach, brands can see their share of the conversation within the market, compared directly with top competitors.

The Brand Health Score™ looks into the impact of a company’s social media presence and website. By assessing a combination of social media and website analytics (including SEO and site traffic), the score measures the impact of a brand’s integrated marketing efforts.  This shows how best company leaders can expand their market share and visibility.

Brands simply fill out a form and within five business days, will receive a comprehensive health score complete with metrics, insights and recommendations on how to tactfully scale marketing efforts. All health scores include a complimentary 30-minute consultation with Media Frenzy Global CEO, Sarah Tourville to dive deeper into the insights, and provide further context to taking your brand to the next level.

“We are so thrilled to bring to the market the agency’s first collection of products, PR and Brand Health Scores™,” said Tourville. “Many companies are unsure of how to grow their brand in the marketplace and these scores provide a one step solution to these problems. Instead of guessing on marketing strategy, the PR and Brand Health Scores™ show how you stack up to the competition using powerful analytics and game changing insights.”

Featured in Metro Atlanta CEO