Ninja Number, an app that enables users to manage up to five different phone numbers from a single device was looking to separate themselves in a crowded market of more than 40 different competitors. Media Frenzy Global was first brought in to help articulate the brand; to differentiate the app by more than just its features. This was accomplished with MFG utilizing their collaborative, day-long Brand Vision workshop experience, including in-depth focus group studies. The resulting insights showed the path forward for Ninja Number, who engaged Media Frenzy Global further to develop a visual expression of the brand promise. But Media Frenzy Global took it further than that. First, we identified the core market for Ninja Number: solopreneurs and small businesses (1-5 employees) who use their mobile phone as their primary number. Through research with this group, MFG discovered that this audience felt tasked with “doing everything themselves.” Regardless of their profession or industry, they responded to the concept of personal empowerment. Media Frenzy Global formulated a Brand Vision for Ninja Number that wove this market aspiration into an honest narrative of the company’s mission and capabilities, as well as the features and benefits of the product itself. MFG then devised a visual expression of this empowerment; the target users casting a ninja shadow. This suggests the power they now wield, and it unites the product and user in a flexible symbol that can portray that relationship in a range of contexts. In addition to giving the website a jolt of fresh thinking, the expression is being extended to digital advertising and even in-app communications. As a result, Ninja Number’s downloads have doubled, and installs are up 300%.

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