5000 Reasons Why We Gained Inc 5000

The credibility of some awards is questionable, particularly if you know how to tell a great story, but there’s no fudging the truth when it comes to the Inc 5000. The numbers speak for themselves and for 2021 financial growth, it was Media Frenzy’s best year yet.

Now I don’t have 5000 reasons why we won this prestigious award, but I do have 10 good ones. I hope these will be useful for any growing business seeking exceptional growth and Inc 5000 recognition.

  1. Know your purpose and deliver on it. Our purpose is to ‘Position brands as market leaders and create global recognition of the most innovative companies in the world.’ We have accomplished this for thousands of brands across multiple technology sectors with tons of proof points
  2. We present enormous #GoThere ideas that you would expect from a world class agency and our execution is seamless and transformative and nothing shy of excellent.
  3. Surround yourself amongst exceptional leaders. Our leadership team has been with Media Frenzy Global for more than 5 years and they believe in the business and we believe in each other. They are a strong force and are the best of the best.
  4. Know your destination. This will carve your journey and keep you from running after shiny new objects.
  5. Find your people. I found mine at EO Atlanta and I am learning from them consistently.
  6. Measure by creating a weekly scorecard to determine the health of the company. If the numbers aren’t where they should be, action it immediately.
  7. Listen to podcasts and read books to help you work smarter, not harder. My favorite books include Traction by Gina Wickman, Scaling Up by Verne Harnish and The Boutique by Greg Alexander.
  8. Hire people you like. I’ve been told that you don’t have to like everyone you hire but I disagree. You spend more time with your colleagues than you do your family, so you better like them.
  9. Lean in to your team and put them at the heart of the business. It’s taken us years to walk the talk on the importance of people and Covid-19’s remote working requirements made it tougher. We learned a lot and have come out stronger and plan to demonstrate this point consistently.
  10. Love what you do. I genuinely can say “Love Media Frenzy.” It means a lot to me and I will fight hard to make its purpose meaningful.

I want to congratulate all business owners on what they have achieved. The Inc 5000 is an award I’m proud of, but turning up every day and bringing your best self to work is award worthy too. Keep delivering on that purpose as it will pay off.