Taking a slight sigh of relief, I have found myself in an Integrated Marketing Coordinator role here at Media Frenzy Global. I mention this sigh of relief due to the fact that I have dabbled both in and out of agency life and I am now confident that I prefer the agency setting. During my job search, I sought out an opportunity that was exciting and allowed me to experience multiple clients and a variety of marketing verticals. Luckily, I found the perfect fit at Media Frenzy Global.

In order to be successful in the agency world, you must be able to keep up with the fast-paced environment while also being forward thinking. Thinking outside-of-the-box and offering a variety of ideas and solutions is what agency life is about, particularly my role as well. As an Integrated Marketing Coordinator I have my hands on a variety of projects and act as support for different departments within the agency. On any given day I could be scheduling a newsletter, deploying an email campaign, running a photo shoot or queuing up a week’s worth of social media posts for a client. Each client is different and being able to offer services tailored to their specific needs is important. Having been with Media Frenzy Global for a little over a month now, I have uncovered some tips and tricks that have really helped me settle into my new role.

Lean on your team

This should go without saying but often times it’s easily forgotten. My first few weeks have felt like an absolute whirlwind. I was being pulled in many different directions (which isn’t a bad thing) and given many different tasks. As an Integrated Marketing Coordinator, that’s just part of the job. Knowing how to complete each task without any direction isn’t expected, and this is where leaning on your team comes in to play. I have never been afraid to ask for help or clarification and your team is there for you to lean on and use as a source of support.

Prioritize your tasks

Agency life is hectic and no day is the same. But that’s what I love about it. With that understanding comes the importance of prioritizing your tasks so nothing falls through the cracks. I am a huge list writer and nothing makes me feel more productive than being able to mark something off of my to-do list. Setting dates for each task helps me prioritize and make sure they are being completed in a timely manner.

Set aside time for email

Staying on top of my emails is something I am always working on. I have realized that setting aside time throughout the day to read and respond to them ensures that I don’t get bogged down with emails. I set aside time to check my email once in the morning, once mid-day, and once again in the evening. Now this isn’t to say that those three times are the only times I check my email because that is not the case. I check my email regularly, but occasionally I’ll see an email come through while in the middle of a task and I choose to wait to click on it so not to lose my train of thought. Knowing that I have set times each day to check my inbox makes sure that no email goes un-noticed. What I have found works best for me might not work for everyone but it keeps me from feeling like I’m glued to my inbox.

These tips are only a fraction of the things I’ve learned in my first month at Media Frenzy Global. My role has me wearing several different hats and learning new things each day which keeps things interesting and exciting. As the fast-paced nature of agency life continues, I look forward to learning more tricks to successfully manage my workload.