Public Relations

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Gaining speaking platforms. Garnering awards. And driving ROI.

Speakers and Awards

We love putting our clients center-stage, on panels, in front of audiences online or in-person, showcasing their industry expertise. We include awards in our overall PR program because they portray credibility and trust to your prospects and partners. The right awards can also garner national or even global attention.

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Public Relations is notorious for being difficult to measure. At MFG, we’ve developed a tool that measures the value of your PR coverage beyond vanity metrics, directly tied to how your brand fares against your competitors. This has been a game changer for clients, justifying the impact of PR spend and providing measurable and actionable results.

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“We’ve gotten an aggregate readership of over 1 million in just a few months, which has had a major impact on our business.”

–VP Marketing, Billing & Revenue Software Service