As the marketing industry continues to grow, you need to consider how you will lead your team forward. Part of this is thinking about the specific set of skills you need to ensure you can guide your employees toward the right direction.

Focusing on continuing education is an excellent way to build up the abilities and skills you need to better manage your team and become the leader that you aspire to be. Your efforts to learn new techniques and approaches can have an additional effect, as well: Working hard can inspire team members to push themselves to perform and innovate. And multiple people in a team seeking to innovate or improve themselves often leads to an office atmosphere where new ideas are valued and sought out — something intensely valuable in any industry.

So what should you focus on developing? Below, six members of Forbes Agency Council discuss the skills and abilities they encourage team leaders to develop as part of their continuing education. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Creativity
Creativity is a skill I encourage team leaders to develop, particularly in the PR side of our business. Every campaign, even business-to-business, allows for creativity. Whether it’s a PR stunt at a leading industry exhibition or an immersive experience leveraging augmented/virtual reality or holograms, our team leaders are encouraged to seek ways to be creative and create a media frenzy for our clients. – Sarah Tourville, Media Frenzy Global

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