YOU ARE HERE LABS, a trusted leader in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and digital immersive experiences, has tapped award-winning PR and Digital Marketing agency Media Frenzy Global as its agency of record.

With a renowned portfolio of clients, Media Frenzy Global will utilize their industry expertise to foster brand awareness and further solidify YOU ARE HERE’s presence in the expanding tech ecosystem.

YOU ARE HERE LABS has positioned itself at the forefront of the global digital transformation currently underway. Recent findings from Adweek reveal 53% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand using immersive technology than from one that does not. By using a strategic mix of innovative technologies including AR / VR, YOU ARE HERE LABS has helped agencies and global brands, like Porsche, AT&T, and Aflac, tell meaningful stories through an enhanced experience.

“The team at Media Frenzy Global is thrilled to have an innovative company such as YOU ARE HERE LABS as not only a client but a true partner. YOU ARE HERE LABS is dynamic, innovative, and fully embraces the fast-paced nature of technology. They share our passion for finding new and exciting ways to inform, educate, and entertain through immersive technology,” says Founder and CEO of Media Frenzy Global, Sarah Tourville.

As AOR, Media Frenzy Global is tasked with guiding YOU ARE HERE LABS in communicating its differentiated position through content marketing, thought leadership, and media relations strategies targeting specific industries.

“We are excited to help companies learn about Augmented Reality and VR, to see how these immersive technologies can help them find new customers, drive incremental revenue, and increase customer satisfaction,” said John Buzzell, President of YOU ARE HERE LABS. “We’re proud to partner with Media Frenzy Global to ensure that our message reaches innovative companies nationwide.”

Originally published on Agility PR.