Authentic Branding

When the CEO of AV-Tech first came to Media Frenzy Global, they’d not invested in any previous marketing and therefore needed an agency who could build the brand foundation to then grow visibility and credibility within the audio visual industry.

We got started by developing a brand vision which is where the “We Got You” message came from which is the complete epitome of what AV Tech represents. The purpose of the brand vision project is to dig deep and uncover a narrative that is authentic to the brand - which is what we did. From then on, we developed comprehensive messaging, a new website, email marketing template, social media and blog content. As AV Tech has grown, our relationship and partnership has grown with them.


  • AV-Tech has won multiple significant clients since we started the project in 2018.
  • Expedience increased their revenue, team members, and offices.

"Media Frenzy Global is communicative and organized, holding regular meetings to make sure the project is progressing efficiently. They complete tasks quickly and do high-quality work, making them a reliable partner. Their work has already resulted in new leads. "




Jellyfish was looking for a non-traditional PR agency; one that specialized in innovative storytelling and had strong trade and business media relationships in Adtech, MarTech and demonstrated entrepreneurism, hustle, and tenacity. It partnered with MFG to strategically build momentum and brand awareness in six key markets including: United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Brazil.

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Market Influence and Brand Awareness Through Targeted Press


Stratix, a managed mobility service provider, looked to Media Frenzy Global to provide a strategic perspective of reaching new targeted media, developing executive content, and driving the PR narrative in leading vertical magazines.

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Authentic Branding

AV-Tech Authentic Branding

Comprehensive messaging, a new website, email marketing template, social media and blog content.

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Expanding Brand Awareness

GenesisCare, a global comprehensive cancer care network with over 300 centers across the United States, was looking to expand their brand awareness in the U.S. against their main competitor.

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