Farm to Plate

Creating brand awareness

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented supply chain issues for various business sectors. This issue took center stage for Farm to Plate - a tech startup focused on food traceability using blockchain. The company was in nascent stages building its platform designed to make a difference and adapt to fill the gaps in the existing food supply chain systems.

Farm to Plate turned to Media Frenzy Global to help their company increase awareness around food transparency in the food supply chain during a critical moment in our society. Media Frenzy Global devised a comprehensive media relations and content creation strategy to elevate Farm to Plate’s presence across food logistics and technology media titles.


  • Help drive the media conversation on supply chain technology for food and beverage.
  • Build visibility of the Farm to Plate platform in trade media and technology titles.
  • Educate the industry on the importance of transparency in food and beverage supply chain and how it correlates to consumer confidence and societal changes


  • Secured over 30 pieces of coverage in Supply Chain Brain, Food Logistics, Food Dive, and other industry trade media.
  • Exposure internationally
  • 7 million media impressions in 6 months
  • 25% increase of customer inquiries
  • More new customer enquiries than was feasible to handle.

“Creating brand awareness around our company was top priority at the onset of our partnership with Media Frenzy Global. From crafting targeted content around issues and topics critical to our industry to landing comments in top tier trade publications on topics such as food safety, recalls, and sustainability, we have garnered more interest in our brand and product offering.”

- Pramod Sajja, President, Farm to Plate


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