Education-tech SaaS provider attributes 24% increase in new customers to rebrand

Finalsite believes that good communication helps schools prepare students to be successful, and ultimately makes the world a better place.

Their main driver is the belief that strong family engagement is linked to increased student achievement, social & emotional skill development, and overall better student outcomes.

As Finalsite sought to further its mission by building on market growth in new sectors and adding technology solutions, it understood that its marketing approach needed to change.


Finalsite maintained 50% market share of the independent, charter, higher education, and international school market and was now expanding its reach into public school districts globally – aiming to appeal to new stakeholders with an updated message, tone, and approach.

To create a value proposition that would drive new business growth, Finalsite needed to understand their new audience, including their pain points and challenges, as well as where they sought advice and thought leadership.


Through our 7-step brand vision process, we created a full brand message and expression that positioned Finalsite for more significant growth.

The brand vision outcomes consisted of:

  • An improved, modern logo
  • Vibrant brand colors to reflect a future full of hope and promise
  • A creative expression of a ripple, signifying the ripple effect
  • Finalsite has on their community: seamless school
  • communications ripple outwards to better-informed educators, students, and families

Within the first 2 weeks of brand launch, the impact was significant. Year-over-year organic website traffic grew by 34.3%, with a 24% increase in new users during 2020.

In fact, all statistics continued to grow year-over-year.

Social media total followers across accounts +25.8% Social media interactions +69.7% Website traffic number of sessions from social +306% Email engagement open rate +10.4% Email engagement click rate +56.2% Email engagement click-through rate +41.5%


“Our lead generation efforts and sales revenue went well beyond our aggressive growth plan. The brand 100% played a role in the growth and new investment in Finalsite.”

– Risa Engel, CMO, Finalsite

Two years later, Finalsite came back to Media Frenzy to further fine-tune its message as it prepared to acquire Blackboard, the leading provider of communication software for public school districts.



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